When your life vision relates to your reality,
retirement makes a prettier picture.

My questions can help that happen.

A retirement plan usually revolves around the numbers: save this much, invest that much or you’ll never make it. Hardly your dream. It doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve switched the focus from the numbers to your future life as you want to live it. Please let me ask you:

  • How would you live your life if you had all the money you’d ever need?
  • What would you do differently with your life if you had only five to ten years to live ?
  • If you had only one day to live, what would you regret missing?

Those questions bring people to their “Ahah!” moment. They answer out loud what they really want from life. They’re part of my YourLife Vision PlanTM - an interactive process that helps you realize what you really, really want.

The YourLife Vision PlanTM

It compares the cost of your vision with the money you have and will have . It helps you see if you’ll be able to live your vision, doing what you’re doing. It produces a powerful action plan. The YourLife Vision PlanTM never pushes you into investment at the expense of security – or vice versa. It never forces you to give up all your dreams to live a life that seems like nothing more than a line on a graph.

You will get to know yourself better with my YourLife Vision PlanTM. I’ll get to know you better. I’ll be able to give you guidance that can help bring your personal vision to life. Would you please contact me if you can see the value in working through your hopes, needs, fears and dreams together?

Find out about yourself and complete our "Is Life Planning for Me?" profiler here.


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